Jet Printer MYDATA My500

Contactless application of soldering flux and glues using the method “jet print” without the need to use templates at a speed of up to 30,000CPH.

• Application of flux or glue without use of template
• Speed of screen printing, flexibility of dispenser – 30,000CPH (IPC9850)
• A change of product, flux and configuration of the machine takes less than a minute
• No cleaning of bad copies, frames etc. No stores for frames and templates
• You designate the size, amount and shape of the printing yourself – “virtual stencil”
• We don’t wait for a manufacturer who makes the template and with what result



MYDATA MY100LX-14 pick-and-place machine

A highly flexible pick-and-place machine with maximum speed of up to 16,000CPH with globally unique system of AGILIS feeders.

• High-mix at high speeds of up to 16,000CPH
• Possibility of continual production for small runs
• Excellent precision and unbeatable flexibility
• Unique concept of AGILIS feeders





MYDATA SMD tower 200

Flexible automatic store of discs and JEDEC pallets.

• max. capacity 540 x
• short access time
• eliminates poor arrangement and mixing up of store
• controlled atmosphere – maintenance of residual humidity (RH) up to 3.5% allows storage of MSD
   components without need of re-vacuuming
• for MSD components function of the alarm for stay outside the maintained environment and automatic issue
   of new disc
• possibility of monitoring expiry dates of stored components with alarm function
• compact design, not demanding in terms of space – up to 658 discs on 1m²
• immediate realistic overview of true stocks of material
• with the press of one button, the “store” issues all the necessary material “directly”


Soldering machine ASSCON VP1000-33

Allows the perfect lead-free soldering of even the most complicated SMT assemblies in small and medium runs.

• soldering system for highest technological demands
• homogenous distribution of temperature throughout the entire assembly
• protection of product from overheating
• no shadows or colour changes
• repeatability of process conditions
• rapid generation of temperature profiles
• universally usable for mass production and individual operations

Soldering wave SEHO 8140-PCS

Je určena pro střední a velké objemy výroby a je ideální pro olovnatý i
bezolovnatý proces. Zajišťuje spolehlivé pájení jak pro komplexní SMD
desky tak klasické sestavy.


Tester Flying Probe SPEA 4040

Is intended for medium and larger volumes of production and is ideal for the lead and lead-free process. Ensures reliable soldering for complex SMD boards and conventional assemblies.



ASYMTEK coating system

• a very precise and rapid tester intended for small to large volume production
• the high level of mechanical precision provides the possibility of testing ultra delicate components
• using 6 probes (4 above and 2 below the board), the system can test both sides of the PCB at the same 
• the system can perform a parallel test of several boards at the same time even when there is a
   requirement for various operations (functional test, visual check).



Spray cleaning machine INJET 676 CRD

Serves for the full-spray cleaning, including removal of remnants of flux following soldering from the PCB.

• fully automated process for cleaning, rinsing and drying in a single chamber
• two separate processes (cleaning – rinsing fluids and drying – hot compressed air)
• completely controlled by PLC – all processes can be configured easily on the touch screen
• the contamination of the cleaning and rinsing fluid by the mechanical filter is monitored electronically
• The conductivity of the water is measured electronically