Automatic pellet fed boilers from a leading Czech manufacturer are fitted with control electronics and source of our own production. This is supplied for the new generation of automatic boilers with top-of-the range emission properties. The fully automatic boilers are equipped with automatic cleaning of the combustion product exchanger and the removal of ash, and their operation can be managed equithermally on the basis of outdoor temperature. These are automatic boilers controlled by thermostats, so permanent manning is not necessary.

Monitoring equipment MZU 010 / II with touch screen is supplied as a complete product and is intended for clinical and operational signalling of the state of medical gases in the piping and source. Its aim is to warn of a non-compliant state through light and acoustic signalling, or to send information to external signalling equipment. MZU 010 / II also allows the measuring of consumption of the monitored gas, both the current flow and the overall consumption over time. MZU 010 / II can be installed in a wall or on a wall. The configuration of the monitored parameters is performed in the menu of the equipment using the touch screen directly at the place of installation.

A system for the central collection of data from gambling machines and roulette games is supplied as a set of control electronics and touch-screen panels made of stainless steel and printed glass.

Deliveries of control units for Wittmann injection moulding machines.

Control electronics for the Rolletic massage machines represent a guarantee of low acquisition and operating costs with virtually zero faults and easy operation.