Custom Mad

Our firm brings your ideas to life. We can use your ideas to create the electronic components and equipment which you need for your business. You can leave it all up to us, from the design right up to the manufacture of a test run.

What do we offer you?
· we design the technical solution according to your needs
· we prepare designs for circuit and printed circuit boards
· we ensure the mechanical construction
· we prepare detailed technical documentation
· we ensure software
· we manufacture prototypes of the equipment and test them thoroughly
· we manufacture a test run, ensure tests and certification of the equipment and prepare its
  mass production

Designs for printed circuit boards

We design and manufacture for you printed circuit boards of top quality, or we convert conventional PCBs to SMD form and prepare them for mass production. You can rely on our experts.

· we offer implementation in the systems CCT, PADS - POWER PCB and others
· we perform diagram drawings
· we manufacture printed circuit boards with conventional, SMD and BGA components
· we convert boards with conventional components into SMD
· we ensure technological support for production and prepare manufacturing documentation
· we manufacture sample PCBs and verify their construction


Construction and design

As a leading manufacturer of communication systems for healthcare we are very well aware that today’s world the construction solution and design of the product play a very important role. Our development department is capable of offering this to you in full. We have the powerful design program Autodesk Inventor, the output of which is the 3D information necessary to create drawings, prototypes and then the final production. The all-round nature of our development capacities could represent just the right lead over your competition.

· we prepare construction projects in 3D in the programs Autodesk Inventor
· we create output data in any format
· we design and ensure the optimal technology for the given means of production
· thanks to powerful software and long-term experience we are capable of creating a product
  with no limitations on shape
· our experience ensures uniqueness and originality for the new product
· the requirements and possibilities of the client are our priority